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Spring in Holland!

​Heey everyone! It is time for an update again. Now I will do my update in English, because I write especially for my American friends ;)

I got home the 15th of January. After Jason, Becky and Eric brought me back home, the Dutch life started to live its life again :p I had to go to school again and I had to get used to speaking Dutch again. After a week I was still thinking in English! It was kind of fun to experience :p From the moment the school started, life was getting back to normal again. I just had to go to school for 4 days a week, and do homework in the evenings again. I went to eat with a few friends from school, to share our experiences about the internships. One of the guys went to Cape Town, Africa, and it was awesome to see his experiences in that country.

A few weeks after I got home I had to do an assessment for my internship. Two teachers were sitting in front of me and asked me a lot of questions about the decisions I made during my internship. After the assessment they told me that I was graded 8 out of 10 for my internship. I was really excited! This is a really high grade for in Holland, and is comparable with a B- in the US grading system, I think. I had an awesome time at Kooima, and I have learned a lot! At the end of the assessment I took a picture with my supervisor. I really appriciate his help and advice on my internship!

I had to succeed for an important economics exam yet, to be able to go ahead with my study. After a lot of hours of studying and with the help of friends and teachers, I was able to be graded 6.3 out of 10. I think this is comparable with a D. This wasn't really that good, but yet I succeeded :p

A few days after I finished the test we moved to another house. With a bunch of friends and family we moved all the furniture to the other house. It was a rainy day and it was just weird to imagine that after that day you wasn't allowed to enter your ‘old’ house anymore. Anyway, after a few days I started to feel comfortable in the new house. I cleaned my new bedroom and made it how I wanted it to have. Now, I am just settled, and I never want to go back to the old house again! There is way more open space around the house (in Dutch terms) and now we live more out of the city. We don’t hear the police and firetruck sirens anymore and the view is over a big golf field. It is really relaxing!

Front of the house

The back yard

We have a canal in our back yard (with the boat house of our neighbors)

So, this is our new house. My parents bought this house with the shed. The shed will be torn down and then we will build the new house there. When the new house is finished then we will sell the house that we live in now. This will take about a year and a half. I am looking forward to the new house! The house we live in now is kind of old, but yet it is a good house to live in ;)

Now most of the people in Holland are having a week off for the start of the Spring. I am free from school as well. I repaired a few phones and tomorrow we hope to go to Texel, a Dutch island. My father was born on that island, and will well have a short vacation there.

Last Saturday night my little sister Thamara and I went to the city to take some pictures of the sunset in Rotterdam. It was one of the first really sunny days and the temperature was pretty nice too (low sixties). I am kind of proud of Rotterdam, even though it is not close as awesome as America :p Rotterdam is the city I grew up in. Here are some of the pictures.

Right now it is really beautiful in Holland. The tulips fields are really beautiful and the days are getting longer, dryer, warmer and sunnier! If you ever want to come to Holland, you should come in this time of the year! Last Monday I went to the tulip fields to take a bunch of pictures, to show the people in America how beautiful it is :p Here are some of the pictures.

Last night I had an awesome night with some cousins. They live on campus in Rotterdam and we had a lot of fun.

My family is doing really well. My oldest sister Nathasja is pregnant and she and her husband René are expecting the baby in June. We hope that everything will go well! The son of my other sister is growing fast! He is a year and a half now. He also drinks real Heiniken beer sometimes…. :p The rest of my family is doing well too.

Last week I started the last period of the third year of my study. This period will be 10 weeks, so after ten weeks of school I will have summer vacation! I hope to come back to America in the summer vacation. I am really looking forward to it!

One more important thing: I really, really, reaaalllyyyy need a hair cut. So I hope to do that some time this week yet :ppp

I hope everything is going well with you too (whoever reads this). You can leave a comment on the bottom of this page or just contact me. Would be good to hear from you! And I hope to see you again soon. Cya! :)


Pictures of Spring in Holland

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